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Thank you for your kindness and patience, your workers were both professional and friendly, I am completely satisfied with their work. You can be sure I will call you if I ever need your services again.

Judith V.

We were extremely pleased with all your work and the efficiency in which all aspects were completed.

Anne T.

Thank you isn’t enough for all of your hard work and effort. I really do appreciate all what you did.


Thank you so much for all you’ve done, I truly appreciate your caring and professional manner.

Susan S.

Your work crew did a fantastic job at cleaning my house.

Vera B.

Our basement flooded on Mother’s Day, 2015. Our insurance company did not cover the repairs. Buffalo Builders showed up with a crew of people and a dumpster. They stayed late the first day clearing out the ruined items, cutting the drywall, boxing valuables, and ripping out the carpet. They sprayed an all-natural mold killer in the crawlspace, which was extremely important to use. Our son has respiratory issues, and we were concerned [about] how the drying out process would affect him. We had fans and dehumidifiers going for weeks. That process was hard, but they were honest from the beginning telling us that weather would dictate when it was dry enough downstairs to put up the drywall. When they put it up, it was a quick process. And they even found a drywaller who could match the texture on our old walls. They made a difficult experience relatively easy. We are extremely happy with the quality of work, and it still shows today. They were very professional.

Sally B.

My basement bathroom had water back up that flooded the bathroom and part of the hallway. Buffalo Builders (BB) [was] there within an hour and started getting the job cleaned up. They suspected asbestos and brought in a company right away to remove all the asbestos, which turned out to be walls and tile flooring in half the basement. BB Team foreman, Don, brought in a team of very good, detailed oriented professionals that made the whole experience easy, comfortable and seamless. Drew, Cody, and Viola did an awesome job laying down the new flooring. Installing beadboard, carpentry, and painting. Angelia, Maria, and John were the best packing and moving team I ever worked with. They were very fast and organized, they completed in one day what any other team would have taken days to do with no breakage. I can’t say enough about Don and his team at Buffalo Builders, they are my go-to contractors from now on because I know the job will get done right.

Pam U.

Chayse and John did excellent[ly]. They had to find bolts in the ceiling to connect the ceiling fan, so I appreciate their hard work and patience. Would definitely want them to do any future work needed to be done in my home. Thank you.

Tony B.

Don and his team rocked, Drew P. and Cody did an awesome job along with John Angela and Marie. They all were professional, worked cleanly, quietly and it was the best I’ve seen in a long time. Don’s team is my go-to contractors from now on.

Pamela U.