buffalo builders, inc. Contents Restoration

During a catastrophe, the last thing you will be thinking about is the belongings in your home or business.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about your belongings after the catastrophe because Buffalo Builders, Inc. specializes in contents restoration. We know that after a catastrophe, it might seem like nothing will ever be the same. The priceless family heirloom or treasured gift may seem to be gone forever. At BBI, we understand that all of your possessions have more than just a physical value, they have an emotional value to you. Our team diligently and delicately handles your home or business’ interior contents to help you get your life back to normal.

We can get your belongings back.

What can we resolve?

Buffalo Builder’s Contents Restoration team restores, repairs, and cleans most items damaged by water, fire, or other severe weather catastrophes. Your appliances, furniture, clothing, or personal items that have been damaged may be salvageable and saved by our contents restoration team. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial content restoration services. Our team takes extreme caution when cataloging, caring for, and cleaning your possessions. Buffalo Builders understands that it can be stressful, inconvenient, and unsettling when giving your important items and documents to the care of strangers. Our team takes the utmost care and security to ensure that your most important and sensitive items are treated with delicacy and respect.

Specialty Restoration Services

BBI takes pride in being able to restore some of your most precious possessions. Our content restoration team specializes in:

  • Garment Restoration
  • Electronics Cleaning
  • Document Restoration
  • Fine Art Restoration

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